The Warming Competition: Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects elected jury member

10. July 2020

How will the built environment react to rising water levels, long droughts and high temperatures? How can buildings and cities prevent natural disasters, poor air quality, melting ice and climate change as a whole?

The Warming Competition, an open, interdisciplinary international competition encourage everyone working with architecture, planning and design to submit projects and concepts that can alleviate the global warming challenge.

Behind the initiative is the international research initiative Arch Out Loud sponsored by the rendering and VR company Enscape. They want to attract new innovative and global solutions to humanity’s biggest challenge.

As one of ten jury members, Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects is represented along profiles such as the founder of Archdaily, David Basulto, professor at the Yale School of Architecture Anna Dyson and Liam Young, director at Sci Arc.

“Nature does not know the concept of waste. Yet we have created a world where it is a prerequisite and where we exploit the earth’s resources. The built environment is a major climate sinner, and as architects, designers and engineers, we have a shared responsibility to create new solutions that give the world a better balance, ”says Lasse Herbo Madsen, architect at Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects and jury member in the competition.

He hopes to see innovative ideas with the potential to rethink today’s design and architecture.

“The special thing about The Warming Competition is that it’s not about tiny tweaks. We need to start all over again in this interdisciplinary melting pot approaching some form of basic research. That is why we in the jury hope to see completely new ideas and thoughts, ”says Lasse Herbo Madsen.

The competition is open to everyone until 2nd August.