The tip of Redmolen approved by Copenhagen city council

26. June 2017

Copenhagen City Council has approved PFA’s iconic office building on the tip of Redmolen.

The vision is to create an open, robust and dynamic building and a brand new and fantastic place in the city – where urban life can take place throughout the year in strong correlation with the future residents and workplaces that will be established on Redmolen.

The building – that will measure a total of 25,000m2 and 60m in height – will become a landmark in the harbor, marking and continuing the harbor’s large scale in the compact, diverse city that Nordhavn will evolve into.

In the center of the building, an interior garden – a landscape with tall trees – will rise from the plinth and invite the public to its green bosom. The winter garden will be a unique urban area encompassing activity all year round and work as a comfortable haven during the winter. Public facilities will create a lively and open space in the middle of a fantastic scenery.

The building on Redmolen will be one of the most visible and striking buildings in Copenhagen, in both the large open harbor area and the adjacent public space. Its distinctive location will make an impact on the setting from a long distance, as well as in the local neighborhood. That is why it is important for the building to be rooted in these two crucial parameters – openness and closeness.

The building will stand out from the water as a new fixed point on the horizon – the latest addition to a series of settlements along the waterfront to signal an inviting and open city.

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