The shopping mall of Hellerup, Waterfront Shopping, is located in the centre of Tuborg Harbour, between the Experimentarium and the harbour promenade.

The building, which contains offices and businesses, plays on the contrast between organic and stringent. To ensure a visual, open connection between the city and the water, the building’s ground floor is designed as a series of free-form, transparent glass structures that contain shops and cafés. The space between these structures forms a varied inner arcade with changing views of the city and the water.

The arcade houses, shops, and cafés are placed beneath a high skylight, which ensures a bright, open, and welcoming atmosphere for Waterfront visitors. In contrast to the organic ground floor, the building’s upper floor is a regular geometric shape, placed like a box on top of the open structure of the ground floor. With its regular shape, the box ensures harmony with the existing architecture of the area while underlining Waterfront’s own identity, by virtue of its distinctive façade design. In the interaction with the light, the use of pattern, depth, and colour, the façade is varied and vibrant.

Carlsberg Ejendomme A/S i samarbejde med Braaten+Pedersen Aps
Rambøll, 1:1 Landskab, NCC Construction
Philip Heymans Alle 17, 2900 Hellerup
38,500 m²
Realised in 2007