Tuborg Nord

The area is beautifully located on the banks of the Sound with a canal as a unifying element, reflecting the total of four elongated, horizontal buildings, which make up the development.

The trees along the canal and the other landscaped elements, which were established when Tuborg North was built in 2002, are now mature, forming an integrated entity with the beautifully patinated elongated buildings. The canal is located at the end of Tuborg Boulevard with generous Spanish steps down to the water.

The main feature of the housing in Tuborg North is smoothed, charcoal grey walls in coloured plaster. The flats, which are lit from both sides, nestle among the walls in prominent window sections, the edges of which are closed with mahogany. The bright balconies with glass balustrades and white-painted steel front edges and the light staircase towers help to subdivide the buildings, providing visual variety for passers-by as they walk along the canal. All 90 homes overlook the Sound and the canal. 

The overall master plan for Tuborg Harbour features a modernist layout, the overall concept of which is to draw the Sound inland by means of a canal system and, conversely, to pave the way for buildings and urban spaces on land to enjoy excellent sightlines and the view of the water.

All of the flats are the same type – in several places in reverse – aimed at refining the architectural expression and providing great spaces for everyone.

Even as you climb the stairs, you sense the high quality of the chosen materials. The brickwork continues into the stairway, painted the same charcoal grey colour as on the outside of the building. Steps and landings are covered with untreated teak. Inside, the flats have Merbau floors. Merbau is a dark, hardwearing wood, which goes beautifully with the other woods used in the buildings – mahogany and teak.

The flats are through-lit and airy with great views of the outdoor spaces. 

There are parking and storage rooms in a high basement, which means the ground-floor flats, are generously elevated above the ground, so people walking on the promenade along the canal cannot see in.  

Carlsberg Ejendomme A/S
Rambøll A/S, Svend Kirkegaard ApS
Tuborg Boulevard, DK-2900 Hellerup
12,000 m2
Realised in 2002