The Tip of North Island

The Tip of North Island will be a modern beacon in the compact, mixed town, into which the Århusgade district and the rest of Nordhavn are steadily evolving. In terms of its scale and monumentality the building will relate to the other distinctive harbour buildings: the various silos, which have already been converted into homes and offices, and for other purposes.

The architecture of the building is simple, well proportioned, and characterised by the way, in which the faceted relief effect of the façade surface emphasises the building’s circular structure.

The overall aim is to create a building that will express both openness and power in relation to its surroundings. Its rotunda-shaped form means it will never appear like a wall on the waterfront. Instead, the Tip of North Island will be a dynamic focal point, viewed from either the landward side or the water. It will be a new gathering point and point of orientation, generously facilitating waterfront and urban life for the people of Copenhagen.

To mark the transition to the wharf, the principal shape of the building – the rotunda – will be accentuated by the dynamic plinth on which the building sits. The plinth will soften and open up the Tip of North Island against the rest of the harbour environment. The building’s outward- and public-oriented features will be located at eye level – totally encircled by Nordhavn. In terms of scale and effect, the lower part of the Tip of North Island will have an affinity with the older industrial harbour buildings of Århusgade: Union Coal and the other lower developments familiar in the area. The plinth will feature folding, hospitable staircase, and landscape spaces, inviting people to pass the time there and mingle. Inside the building, the plinth will open into the generous atrium, and landscape spaces that will form the focal point for all employees and visitors.

The inner, circular garden space will extend from floor to ceiling, and its ample diameter will ensure an abundance of daylight inside the building. As a contrast to the more reflective surfaces of the outer façades, the reflections of the inner glass façades will be moderated by wooden slats and timber-clad staircase guards. In its geometry and materiality, the organic interior of the building will appeal not only to the eye but also to the ear. Sounds in the building will resonate softly within the inner wooden façade and amongst the plants and trees at the bottom.

The inviting qualities of the ground floor will welcome both users and visitors and have the potential to become a new attraction in the city. The project thereby generously underscores PFA’s fundamental desire for the building to be friendly, transparent, and accommodating, and at the same time creating a point of orientation in the harbour to last for many years to come.

The Tip of North Island will form friendly outdoor spaces, encouraging urban life throughout the year in close interaction with the future residents and workers who will become part of North Island. It will be a place where you can go and buy an ice cream in the old customs building before sitting down to enjoy the magnificent views of Øresund and the towers of Copenhagen. It will be a new place for the people of Copenhagen in their city.

PFA Ejendomme
COBE, Tredje Natur, Rambøll, Züblin Danmark A/S
North Island, Nordhavn
26,000 m2
Under construction