The area is characterized by new residential buildings, designed as longhouses or squares.

The building is located between Teglholmsgade and the common greenery. It has an elongated character in an east-west direction, which invites to another buildingform. At the same time, it is obvious to orient the homes to the north and south, which provide the best views and lighting conditions.

Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter has, as a basic idea, wanted to create a cohesive building that creates varied courtyards and other spaces. The elongated body of the building reflects the geometry of the plot and the two large courtyards to the south draw the common greenery into the building.

The elongated shape also provides natural zoning between parking, building, and landscaping.

PenSam, KPC og Sjælsø Management
22.280 m2
Finished in 2020



The house has two facades. The heavy brick facade to the north thus forms a ridge towards Teglholmsgade and Teglholms Allé. The windows are reduced about the south facade to emphasize the weight of the house facing the street.

To the south, the building is executed with a glass facade with large windows and balconies. The facade has a very open character as a contrast to the north facade, and it is the intention that this part of the house should be experienced as living, so you can follow the city life from balconies and terraces.

The landscape emphasizes the geometry of the building with an elongated path that connects the courtyards on the north and south sides together. The path is designed as a continuous activity lane that contains play facilities etc.