Enhancing diabetics' quality of life with wood

The new diabetes health center in Aalborg must be a center that creates the best possible treatment for people with diabetes. The 7,000 m2 building will be built with a central location adjacent to Aalborg University Hospital.

The building will include treatment and research functions, patient and staff facilities as well as a connection zone to a tunnel system under the hospital complex.

Through a considerate and caring architecture, Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects proposes a house that increases the quality of life, self-care and community of diabetics.

Because of its scale, materiality and design language, the architecture puts people at the center and creates the best possible conditions for people with diabetes.

Natural, Scandinavian and warm materials, including wood, are seen throughout the building and provides a safe and homely atmosphere for arrival, waiting and living areas.

The North Denmark Region
Aalborg University Hospital, Aalborg
7.000 m2
COWI, Mikkelsen Architects and STED
Competition proposal 2018

The ground floor of the building is an open plan that is experienced in the context of the public space and gradually becomes more private as you move up into the building.

To the north, the building and the facade are given a more private character which provide space for treatment and consultation in a sheltered and safe environment.

There is an outward-facing and open side towards the public arrival point and south.

Open connections between the floors of the building provide a transparent experience of the space that makes the building clear and easy to move around in.

The building’s transparency and decor call for informal meetings between patients, therapists and researchers.

Both landscape and building, inside and outside, are woven closely together, forming a stimulating whole. The landscape movement illustrates and organizes the building program.

In the symbiosis between landscape and building, a health-promoting architecture is created that invites movement.