This apartment complex is the last residential block in Ørestad South with uninterrupted views of Amager Common and Køge Bay in the distance. Facing south, the building rises to 11 storeys. The top of the building is extremely vibrant with a variety of heights in the building’s structure. The shifts in level create roof terraces and special views. The façades have a varied look with both framed and open balconies, which are also staggered to provide the very best of views. In the course of the day the light hits the vibrant façades, highlighting the varied composition of the façade.   

Sjælsø Gruppen A/S
Midtconsult A/S, Schønherr Landskab
Ørestad South
16,000 m2
Realised in 2009

Urban space and housing

In the centre of the residential block there is a communal courtyard. It is accessed via the entrances to the staircases and a common gateway. Outside the individual dwellings on the ground floor, there are small private recreational zones and patios. The centre of the courtyard features a wooden element that provides opportunities for playing and recreation. The play element is also a slightly sunken bicycle-parking facility. To the south, Stævnen settles in a basin, which holds several of the south-facing buildings.

The homes

The ground floor facing the main arrival side is elevated above the ground to ensure maximum privacy. To provide the very best views of the surrounding developments and the Common, the staircases are positioned on the courtyard side.

The flats have large balconies with great views. The window sections are drawn around the corners of the building, followed by the balconies, to optimise both the conditions for spending time outdoors and the views.

The flats vary in size from 74 to 153m2: in other words, from small two-room flats to much more spacious flats with five rooms. By way of a special feature, some flats were available as ‘design-it-yourself’ homes. In this case, when the owners occupied their flats, there were only the load-bearing walls. Owners could then design them to suit their wishes.


White-plastered façades form the basic structure of Stævnen. The frames around the balconies help express the position and individuality of each flat. The steel frames have wooden sections, adding a sense of warmth and welcome.

The white surface is a powerful contrast to the horizon and the low vegetation on the Common.