The Activity Centre is located on Rønnebærvej in the middle of Holte.

This 3-storey, rectangular structure occupies the sloping site. The horizontal staggering of the building creates south- and west-facing terraces and living areas. The composition of the building also expresses its function by making room for several activities on the respective floors.

Rudersdal Municipality
Brandt Landskab, NIRAS A/S, HHM A/S
Rønnebærvej, DK-2840 Holte
1,600 m²
Realised in 2012

The functions of the building

Rønnebærhus is a combination of activity centre and care home. Both features are located in the same building. In terms of spaces, there are several communal areas and a large degree of flexible use of the premises.

The building supports the values of the policy for the elderly: choices and continuity in the everyday lives of senior citizens. 

The building’s rooms are distributed across the entry axis. Here there is a double-height space that is easily negotiable. To the south is a large, flexible café and lecture room, while to the north the administrative rooms are found. At the heart of Rønnebærhus is a longitudinal atrium. This provides an overall picture of the building.

On the 1st floor is a huge range of creative provisions, including photography, sewing, cooking, and gymnastics.

The building features bright rooms with a carefully considered inflow of light, providing the users with optimal conditions for expressing themselves.      


Outdoor spaces and leisure

There is a charming, west-facing garden, located in a green setting. In the afternoon, the garden is a particularly pleasant place for the users to spend time in.

On the 1st floor, the building is staggered towards the south. There is a large, covered terrace where the elderly users can enjoy the open air. On the Rønnebærvej side, a longitudinal wall supports the building, providing protection against traffic and creating shelter for the users.


The facades are coloured in different light and grey shades of plaster. Architecturally, the building features elements in different shades, juxtaposed on three levels.