Regimentsparken is part of the campus-like district that has evolved on the site of the former Farum Barracks. The development has the kind of features we associate with English terraced houses with small variations in the façades and a diversity of spatial qualities, which are brought to life by interaction with the beautiful parkland that constitutes this wood-fringed district.

The buildings adjust to the existing road zone of the former barracks area, with their fronts facing the intimate little lane. The backs of the buildings face green wedges that allow the landscape to cross between the buildings. The main feature of the development is the division into smaller units with different types of housing, which fit in with the overall master plan for the area. The respective compact-low housing areas come across as intimate enclaves with rows of buildings in close connection.

If you look down one of the narrow lanes, you see all sorts of façade compositions with sheltered courtyards. What all the houses have in common is that the sitting room and kitchen-living room are located on the ground floor to achieve the greatest possible use of the connection between the houses’ patios and the overall parkland.

The main feature of the streetscape is the white-plastered façades with timber sections that are now weathered and grey. The priority was simplicity and friendly surfaces. Materials and junctures reflect the inner organisation of the homes. The houses come across as homogeneous and cohesive. That is apparent in the proportions and the materiality.

The architecture gives the houses a human scale. Each house is a secure environment with great indoor spaces while interacting with the outdoor qualities, which the area features.

ArkitektGruppen A/S
Skude & Jacobsen A/S, Jeppe Aagaard Andersen
Regimentsvej, DK-3520 Farum
12,500 m2

Realised in 2006
2008: MIPIM Award "Future Projects"