Tuborg South is a modernistic district on the Sound, subdivided by canals and harbour areas. The overall material and colour palette of Tuborg South is restricted to bright tones. It is like a white city on the seashore.

Punkthusene, three distinctive, seven-storey office buildings on Dessaus Boulevard, stand by themselves among the mixed developments of Tuborg South: like three siblings, they are clearly related to one another. The buildings are the only ‘small’ones in the area, intended to enable small-scale companies to have their own building.

The Punkthusene buildings settle into the overall dynamic framework of the district. Throughout Tuborg South there are open spaces between the buildings, affording everyone a glimpse of the Sound towards the horizon. The corners of Punkthusene are bevelled, and the base and penthouse of each building are modelled to lend dynamism to the architecture.

The buildings are built around a central core and, with only four pillars in the office areas, there is great flexibility in the interiors and options for making small interventions between the floors. The constructive principle also created the foundation for the design of the façade, which is kept free of vertical constructions.

A consistent treatment of the façades and the choice of materials uphold the sense of wholeness. The formal design of the parapet windows creates a rhythm, which, both outside and inside, results in a special identity and spatial sensation. The continuous band of windows also ensures that there are unimpeded views from all workplaces and an excellent source of daylight. Squeezing the penthouse floor in over the roof and extending the base out from under the building make for a powerful architectural expression, while facilitating the establishment roof terraces on more levels. 

The façades of Punkthusene are clad with matt glass panels in a light, greenish, opalised shade: a tone that shimmers like the sky and the sea.

The interiors of the buildings are restricted to dark wooden floors and black-painted cores, in contrast to the brightness of the surrounding district.

Carlsberg Ejendomme A/S
Rambøll Danmark A/S, Jakob Kamp, 1:1 Landskab
Philip Heymanns Allé 1, DK-2900 Hellerup
47,622 m²
Realised in 2009