Pakhus 44

The Nordhavn area, for which Pakhus 44 is intended, features striking traces of recent industrial history. There is an air of modernist, structural poetry about the site’s old warehouses and wharf environments.

Nordkranen, Walls
Rambøll Danmark
12,135 m2
Competition, 2017

The warehouse as typology

The style of Pakhus 44 is based on the typology of warehouses: a monolithic, freestanding structure with an open ground floor, exterior ramps and beautifully proportioned door openings and windows.

The building

The building is designed with an inner courtyard, which has a warm, open feel to it with large, sliding glass panels and timber clinker cladding. The outer façades vary according to the indoor programmes and functional requirements. The horizontal clinker tiles help to emphasise the building’s surface and elongated geometry.

Pakhus 44 contains homes of different types and sizes. There are two- to four-room flats, five-room townhouses and studio flats, all designed with regular rooms.

All types of dwelling have outdoor spaces in the shape of a garden or balcony. Recessed balconies improve the potential for use while minimising both the nuisance of people looking in and the shadow effect on the spaces below.


Using the warehouse typology as a basis, the building uses materials that support the narrative. Both inside and out, Pakhus 44 features rational, untreated materials.

The greyish clinker tiles on the façade interact with the grey concrete and the silvery-grey wood of the surrounding promenades.

Use of timber in many of the building’s elements invests the building with warmth at all times of the day.

The raw concrete pillars, which support the large eaves, lend the building a raw industrial character to match the warehouses in the area.

Raw Corten steel is used to frame windows, balconies, plinths, and for the final covering.

Overall energy concept

The overall goal is to create a green, sustainable building, which ensures easy maintenance and low energy consumption, and the individual systems are designed to be an integral and natural part of the architecture and the surrounding environment. The use of tried-and-tested concepts and material is a top priority, aimed not only at ensuring a good indoor climate but also easy maintenance and a generally positive experience for the users.

By optimising the individual building elements, components, and systems, Pakhus 44 aims to achieve ‘Building Class 2020’. Solar power cells have a major role to play.