Østerbrogade 190

One of Denmark’s first high-rise buildings with wood as a load-bearing structure is underway on the street of Østerbrogade in Copenhagen. With its six floors, it will be the country’s tallest wooden house home to 20 students.

The load-bearing structure is made from a new modular system from Austrian Cree, called Life Cycle Tower. The LCT modular system is based on prefabricated hybrid elements combining the cross-laminated-timber with concrete. Consequently, the construction of the tall building will be faster, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than classic construction and allows for up to 30 floors. The construction on Østerbrogade is one of the very first in Denmark based on the new technology.

A contemporary townhouse adding urban life

The house reflects a modern and warm townhouse where the wooden structures are visible inside. The wood adds warmth and glow to the flats and the large window sections allow generous daylight.

The ground floor is open public space with a café. An open park-like garden surrounds the building shielded by a noise wall facing Østerbrogade. It will transform the current empty plot into a new urban area.

The upper five floors will be furnished with a total of 20 studios, of which 14 are studios and six are one-bedroom flats. The interior design of each dwelling is prioritized to release a maximum amount of living space. The bathroom core is laid out at the entrance and the kitchen in open connection to the living room. All flats are cross-lit with floor-to-ceiling windows providing interconnected spaces and a dedicated view of city life.

The facade is lined with tomb baking sheets, a brass alloy that quickly patins harmonising with the neighboring church tower. The house appears simple and quiet and with its tactile and retracted windows.

Jensen Group
Østerbrogade 190, Copenhagen
861 m2
Completion expected in 2021