Nordhavnshuset will form the gateway to Sundmolen with water on two of its sides. The building is located close to the Århusgade district with its historic red warehouses and just a few minutes’ walk away from the future Metro station at Nordhavns Plads. Sundmolen is part of a vibrant harbour environment with excellent opportunities for outdoor life, fishing, and kayaking.

The complex consists of an angled five- to six-storey apartment block and two wings of three-storey terraced houses. All the buildings have roof terraces. There will be green areas surrounding the buildings and in the intimate courtyard. The terraced houses will have their own gardens, while the ground floor flats will have secluded outdoor spaces for recreation. On the landward side along Sundkaj, there will be a public stretch of park extending right out to the tip of the quay. Passing bicycle and pedestrian traffic will cut past the building without disturbing the residents.

The main feature of the façades is variety and visual sensations, the result of deploying alternating building heights, depths of buildings and façade materials, thereby making Nordhavnshuset recognisable and unique.

From the outside, the two wings of terraced houses and the corner building, which is made up of two buildings, will come across as four elements, each with its own façade style and materiality. Nordhavnshuset is subdivided into two types of housing in order to make the very best use of the plot: the terraced houses on three levels, and each of the flats on its own floor. From the flats, the residents’ main view will be of Kronløbet, whereas the residents in the terraced houses can enjoy their use of the courtyard and the lush green areas of Sundkaj, which will be ideal for playing and recreation.

Each dwelling will have its own special qualities. The terraced houses will have a high entry hall with staggered levels, which contribute to give the home a generous sense of space. The homes facing the canal will have a lower living area facing the canal. Wherever there is the opportunity for a special view, a window has been inserted.

All homes will have access to private outdoor areas in addition to the communal, central courtyard space, where there will be cosy corners with benches, a playground, bicycle parking, and direct access to the quay.

The six terraced houses and all flats on the ground floor will have their own private terrace garden facing the courtyard. The demarcated gardens will ensure that residents can enjoy life outdoors in peace, while still following the activities outside. Each terraced house will also have access to its own roof garden with outdoor kitchen and a direct view of the lush parkland that winds through the whole of Sundmolen.

The majority of the upper flats will have two balconies, one on each side of the building. The façade structure of the buildings is vertical with precise indentations, creating room for spacious balconies, while here and there the balcony niches are filled in with wood to create a warm, textural look.

Each of the large flats on the top floor will have a spacious roof garden with outdoor kitchen and magnificent views of the harbour or the canal.

The building is being constructed with brick surfaces in various shades of grey. The main material on the façades is brick in alternating bright shades, akin to the façades of the other newly constructed residential buildings along Sundkaj. Behind, facing Orientkaj, are the older, darker warehouses, which create shelter against the north wind. 

Nordhavn is the only new urban development area to be platinum-certified for sustainability in the DGNB certification system. This is the highest level of certification, which means that developments in the area must be at least silver-certified. This also applies to Nordhavnshuset, which accordingly must comply with higher standards that are otherwise required in the current building regulations.

CASA Nord og Kuben Byg
JPM (Jens Peter Madsen), Henrik Jørgensen
Sundkaj, Nordhavn
6,500 m2
Under construction
DGNB Silver