Metro Station, Copenhagen Airport

The Metro Station in Copenhagen Airport is a continuation of Terminal 3’s longitudinal axis. The station is built as a bridge construction across the Øresund motorway and the railways parallel to it.

The station is the terminus for line M2 and coupled directly to the wing tip of Terminal 3. That means there is an unambiguous passenger flow between the Metro and arrival at Copenhagen Airport. The narrow longitudinal building receives light from both of its long sides, connected to Terminal 3, which awaits travellers at the end of the marble-clad station floor.

The station is built in steel and glass in such a way that the individual building parts – pillars, girders, roofs, and walls – are clearly distinguishable from each other. Hierarchically, the Airport Station is a service building in the central Terminal 3. 

The load-bearing structures have been moved all the way out to the outer bearing lines on the ‘bridge trays’, which contain the tracks for the Metro. The entire station area is kept clear of pillars, thereby ensuring optimal flow in the station. Along the main bearings, which extend across the longitudinal direction of the station, are skylights, which guarantee excellent natural light. Artificial light is located in overhead niches, providing optimum lighting, even in the evening. 

The Airport Station reinforces and consolidates the infrastructure in Copenhagen Airport. The Metro Station provides smooth access to the Clarion Hotel, the car park north of the tip of Terminal 3 and the airport buses on Ellehammersvej.

Københavns Lufthavne A/S
Niras A/S, Pihl & Søn A/S
Københavns Lufthavn
2,500 m2
Realised in 2007
Metrostation ved KLH