Lundehusskolen Idrætshal

Together with its neighbour, Emdrup Bad, Lundehus School Sports Centre is surrounded by a rim of green vegetation, which ensures that both the new and old buildings feature as elements in a nicely linked-together sports complex. The layout of the Sports Centre contains a simple, visible main building and a lower building with a main entrance and changing rooms.

Scale-wise, the sports centre relates to the immediate outdoor areas and the other buildings at Emdrup Bad. It serves as a link between the open playing fields that encircle the complex and the denser outdoor spaces facing Emdrup Bad and the small operations building facing Bredlandsvej. Between the sports centre, the existing Emdrup Bad and the operations building, there is a unifying square for play and recreation. To the east there is a courtyard with room for various sports activities.

At the back, Lundehus School provides protection for the sports complex and represents a different, greater height and gravity. In terms of scale, the Sports Centre is a mediator between the school and the open lawns and playing fields.

The outer walls of the Sports Centre are clad in red-painted, sinus steel panels, whose contemporary idiom creates a connection with the brick wings of Lundehus School. The building has a monolithic appearance, but also clearly defined, openings that signal transparency and inclusiveness. The large window openings are fitted with vertical, angled aluminium panels, which control the daylight from outside and provide a controlled glimpse inside, which does not distract the players in, say, a handball match. The window frames and sills are also raw aluminium, lending the building an industrial patina.

The Lundehus School Sports Centre is a flexible hall that accommodates handball, indoor football, badminton, volleyball and basketball courts. It serves as a school sports centre in the daytime, and activities for local athletes and clubs during the remaining opening hours and at weekends.

Copenhagen Municipality
Holmsgaard A/S, Jens Wessberg Rådgivende ingeniørfirma, ThingBrandt Landskab
Lersø Parkallé 152, 2100 Copenhagen Ø
2,126 m²
Realised in 2017