Løvens Gård

Løvens Gård on the former B&W site is located in a U-shaped block in the south-westernmost corner of Christiansbro. The buildings are subdivided to relate to the scale and typologies of Christianshavn. The development adopted the names of three of Christianshavn’s historic bastions. In addition to Løvens Gård, the block encompasses Elefantens Gård and Enhjørningens Gård.

Facing the street (Overgaden Neden Vandet), Løvens Gård has four storeys plus a penthouse with a low pitched roof, whose contemporary idiom mirrors the roofs along the Christianshavn Canal. In three places the roof storey is left free to make room for generous roof terraces. The L-shaped, more homogeneous part of the building – Elefantens Gård and Enhjørningens Gård – rises to 5 storeys plus a penthouse with a flat roof. This section relates to the modernistic, tightly compressed part of Christiansbro along Hammershøis Kaj and Wildersgade, where the likes of Nordea is located.

From the lower building on Overgaden Neden Vandet the morning and midday sunlight penetrates the rectangular, green courtyard, which is shared with the neighbouring buildings to the northeast. The ground-floor flats have their own secluded patios in the courtyard.

The courtyard is equipped with three sheds for bicycles. For cars there is an underground parking garage beneath Løvens Gård and Enhjørningens Gård. Its 375 spaces are available to both residents and the public. 

Like the other blocks, Løvens Gård features white façades of smoothed brick with large window sections, discreetly fitting in with the area. All doors and windows are mahogany and the balconies are made of galvanized steel, which can withstand the salty air along the canals. 

The 110 flats in the building range in size from 70 to 189 m².

Skanska A/S
Carl Bro A/S, Henrik Jørgensen, Skanska,
Hammershøis Kaj, Christianshavn
13,500 m²
Realised in 2002