Krøyers Square

Krøyer's Square

Krøyer’s Square is centrally located in the heart of Copenhagen Harbour. The development on Krøyer’s Square is designed in the form of three freestanding wings that are tucked into and complete the historic warehouse environment on Christianshavn.

In terms of geometry and materials, the buildings on Krøyer’s Square have a lot in common with the surrounding warehouse environment, while making a striking, contemporary architectural statement.

Krøyers Plads
COBE, GHB Landskab, OBH Rådg. Ingeniører A/S
Krøyers Plads, 1401 DK-Copenhagen K
20,000 m²
Realised in 2016
2017: Architizer A+ Jury Award
2017: Green Good Design Award
2016: Copenhagen Award 'Best Housing Project'
2015: MIPIM Award 'Best Residential Project'
Swan label
Krøyers Plads

Urban space and housing

New, intimate urban spaces, paths, and roads have emerged between the district’s existing buildings and the three newcomers. The exterior geometry of the buildings is faceted and creates zones on a human scale along the façades. The 109 homes are positioned to provide the majority of the homes with a view or glimpse of the water.

The angular outdoor space facing the harbour basin is designed as terraced wooden surfaces, helping to make it a popular recreational place in the city. There are small shop premises in parts of the ground floor that add a touch of urban life to the space.

The flats have generous window apertures to let life in – the light from the sky and the street life. The floors are covered with Douglas fir plank and in several places, there are concrete walls.

Krøyers Plads


This part of Christianshavn boasts many listed, heritage warehouse buildings. The prominent material of the façades is brick – polished, painted or with a smooth finish. With the selection of brick as the predominant material for the façades on Krøyer’s Square, the texture of the project aligns well with that of the surrounding neighbourhood. It was important for the project to come across as a contemporary construction with reinterpretations of the use of brickwork. It was also crucial for the brickwork and its detail to be of extremely high quality.

With the exception of a single façade, the exterior surfaces of the buildings – including two of the roofs – feature various treatments of red hard-fired brick. The brick varies in its appearance: mainly as tiles attached to walls and roofs. On the wing that forms the back of the development on Strandgade, the bricks are laid with the hollow upper side facing outwards. This application of the bricks creates a relief effect, which imparts a texture and patina we normally associate with buildings that have existed much longer.

Krøyers Plads
Krøyers Plads
Krøyers Plads


Krøyer’s Square is one of the first Swan-labelled residential developments in Denmark.

This standard imposes very high demands on sustainability in terms of both environment and constructional quality. The project excels by integrating several sustainable development features. For example, investment was made in developing the contractor’s knowledge and skills in terms of eliminating hazardous substances. The contractors and suppliers also had to comply with stipulated material requirements.

The grass-clad saddle roof on one of the buildings ensures a better microclimate and is instrumental in limiting the impact of extreme rain on the sewage system.

Krøyers Plads
Krøyers Plads


A Swan-labelled construction must be at least 25% more energy efficient than current regulatory requirements. When the project started in 2011, the construction on Krøyer’s Square was almost 40% better than the then-current statutory requirements.