Denmark’s Central Railway Station

For good or bad, most people are acquainted with Copenhagen Central Station. It is a hub for holidaymakers, school groups, and seasoned commuters.

On several occasions during the Station’s 100+ years of existence, the service and sales facilities in the beautiful Art Nouveau concourse have been changed. The large number and diversity of users place huge demands on the layout of the Station’s concourse.

Aesthetically and historically, it goes without saying that we must respect the original architecture and spatial expression of the Station concourse. Its floor, pillars, walls and vaulted roof structures are important design parameters, which the master plan takes on board and accentuates.

DSB Ejendomme
Braaten + Pedersen ApS
Bernstorffsgade 16, 1577 DK-Copenhagen V
Approx. 3,765 m²
Devised in 2016 - 2018

The aim of the master plan

The new master plan combines the two principal features, which commuters and regular travellers can expect in terms of a successful departure and arrival: a clear transfer to or from the platforms and equally clear commercial services. The master plan links an optimal, smooth passage through the concourse to improved services and commercial provisions.

Passenger flow

The incorporation of a 1st floor into the new shopping mall will facilitate the designation of a generous central thoroughfare, which can disperse the travellers more safely across the floor of the Station concourse. The conversion will also include the addition of a new entrance from Reventlowsgade, while the narrower of the two entrances on Bernstorffsgade will be extended in order to ensure a more even distribution of travellers and shoppers.

The intervention

The four existing sales buildings on the floor of the Station concourse will be removed to make way for four new ones on two floors. The four new buildings will be contemporary, but with a clear affiliation to the old, distinct space. The new buildings will grow out of the rhythm of the Station concourse, which is clearly denoted by the monumental columns that bear the concourse roof.

A new thoroughfare and square

The spaces and passages between the new buildings are of crucial importance for the functional balance of the Station concourse. The new master plan establishes a wide thoroughfare down through the central axis, with generous distance from the solid granite columns that support the roof structure of the concourse. In the middle of this central thoroughfare – outside the concourse – is the Central Station clock, as we know it today – a popular meeting place. On the 1st floor, large terraces facing the centre of the Station concourse will supplement the formation of the square beneath the clock, resulting in a shell-shaped space.

Back is the new front

What was previously regarded as the murky backside of Copenhagen Central Station will be opened up to the outside world. With the inauguration of the Stampesgade Metro station and the City of Copenhagen’s renovation of pavements and traffic lanes, there will be a much more pedestrian-friendly environment than today. Copenhagen Central Station’s contribution to the improvement lies in opening and remodelling Nos. 9-13, Reventlowsgade. The bricked sections of the street-facing façade will be removed and replaced with glass panels. Towards the platforms, the longitudinal building will be rebuilt, making room, within the existing framework, for smaller, outward-facing business premises.

The master plan’s other measures include a restructuring of the waste disposal and storage facilities in the basement. 

Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects has subsequently produced a new signage manual for Copenhagen Central Station for DSB Ejendomme.