The Clubhouse in Fælledparken is a respectful new interpretation of the older white painted pavilions located in the gallant, English-inspired public park in the Østerbro district of Copenhagen.

The Clubhouse is like a light pavilion. From its heavy underground base, the building wriggles up dynamically through the park’s grass. The two hillocks, on which the building rests, provide effective protection against the traffic at Vibenshus Runddel.

They also elevate the outward-oriented, social activities of the Clubhouse above the level of the Metro passengers. They will stream past the side of the building to and from the Metro station at Vibenshus Runddel when it opens in 2019.

A large part of the Clubhouse in Fælledparken is buried under the ground. Changing rooms, toilets, technical rooms, and storage facilities for balls and skittles – spaces where it is neither necessary nor desirable for people to look in – are hidden.

The embankment, on which the Clubhouse is located, was shaped by the surplus soil from the construction. This was a sustainable way of getting more out of the construction budget. The expensive process of disposing of the excavated surplus soil was avoided, and the action resulted in attractive landscape and architectural features.

The Clubhouse in Fælledparken is a sturdy building that can withstand everyday wear and tear. The materials for the building were carefully chosen after taking into account what effect everyday wear and tear would have on it. The floor on the ground floor of the building is mainly covered with ordinary concrete tiles, just like the pavement outside. This is a good choice because day in and day out the many users from local soccer clubs tramp through here with dirty, studded football boots.

Higher up in the building, in the clubrooms and the café, there are bright walls and wooden floors. There is a pleasant atmosphere and great panoramic views of Fælledparken.

The building provides a range of dynamic spaces, both inside and out. The curved lines of the building round off the furthest corner of Fælledparken, setting a precedent for the design of sports clubhouses in general.

The City of Copenhagen
Nielsen & Risager, Otto P. Nedergaard
Øster Allé 62, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø
1,300 m2
Realised in 2011