32 Kalvebod Brygge – the address of one Copenhagen’s most famous brutalist buildings. The 180-meter former DSB freight railway terminal, with the nickname KB32, is transforming into a six-storey open office landscape for the law firm Kammeradvokaten. The 30,000 m2 are characterised by multifunctional interior design, daylight and conscious materials such as wood and raw concrete.

For years, the facade of KB32 i has been the subject of debate among architecture enthusiasts with clear attitudes for or against the brutalist concrete structure.

Over time, the facade has been changed to internally match various functional needs of DSB and ended up with an incoherent expression that has become equally loved and hated.




However, the (in)famous expression known by many Danes is far from the original design by architect Ole Hagen in 1967.

“We know that there are many views regarding the facade. Back in the 1960s the house was originally born with a clear concurrence. We have tried to respect the original expression by continuing and strengthening just that, “says Simon Natanael Svensson, partner at Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects and explains:

“The glass facade on the ground floor is broken down into large window sections ranging from the first to the third floor. They are again broken down into smaller windows on the top two floors. Hence, the extended facade is a composition of different parts. “

A ceiling height of 4.5 meters

Inside, the building is the setting for an open office environment with a ceiling height of just below 4.5 meters and with  3.8 meter high window areas.

They let natural daylight reach all the way into the deep building, where the original raw concrete columns are preserved and leave an industrial impression on the room.


At the core of the office environment are meeting rooms, toilets and technology rooms create differentiated and multifunctional zones in the large office landscape.

The meeting rooms are closed with glass and black-painted metal frames, while the remaining rooms are covered with micro-perforated steel sheets.

Combined with the solid wooden oak floors it adds a warm, raw and Nordic feel.

Knowledge sharing has been a key grip in the interior design of the building. On each floor, the exit by the lift is arranged as a smaller café area with kitchenette, where employees can naturally meet. The lift runs directly from the canteen to the rooftop terrace.

The garden at the top is easily accessible and sets the stage for informal meetings under the small pergolas.

The project is expected to complete in April 2021.

Revco, SN Consult
32 Kalvebod Brygge, København
30.000 m2
Completed 2021