Holbæk Arena

Holbæk Arena is part of the ‘Holbæk Loop’, which brings together exercise, health, and leisure activities in such a way that correlations and connections between organised and less organised sports overlap, forming new options. Holbæk Arena is rooted in the landscape, encouraging the people of the town to adopt a new, more active lifestyle.

The master plan involves the establishment of several different halls and activity facilities and, broadly speaking, is programmed to include: a football and athletics stadium, a central building, a multi-purpose hall, a health centre, indoor tennis courts and a tempo arena, a swimming pool, bicycle halls, a skating rink, a jumping and motor-coordination hall, athletics facilities, running and cycling routes, playing and dancing areas, ball pitches, BMX courses, and a variety of recreational areas.

Each of the facilities in the new activity area can be used for several different sports and activities, thereby creating an open environment, where leisure activity is at the centre, in the broad sense of the word. The main architectural concept for the ‘Holbæk Loop – An Active District in Holbæk’ proposal features a number of motion paths, shaped like curved running tracks resembling those in athletics stadiums, binding together the various facilities and laying the ground for activities and inspiration en route.

In addition to the new sports facilities, the Loop will invite the surrounding neighbourhood in. The competition was organised by Holbæk Municipality with the desire to create a robust and multi-faceted development plan for the 42 hectares, which the complex covers. It will be an identity-creator in terms of any future development of southwest Holbæk, giving residents the sense that sport is an integral part of their everyday life. The ‘Everyday Champion’ will feel welcome in the complex, because its structure features a hybrid of the fully open, spontaneous leisure environments and the sports clubs, where elite sportsmen and sportswomen work at their scheduled training routines.

Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects won the competition for the development plan for Holbæk Arena in cooperation with COBE, Active City Transformation, and Rambøll.

Holbæk Municipality
COBE, Rambøll, Active City Transformation
Holbæk Have, 4300 Holbæk
450,000 m²
Won the competition in 2013