Harild Hus

A new office building is currently under construction in Carlsberg City: Harild Hus.

In collaboration with NORD Architects, EKJ as consulting engineers, and BAM Denmark as the turnkey contractor, Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects has developed this project for Carlsberg City.

The building will be located on the corner of Ny Carlsberg Vej and Bohrs Gade in the heart of the new district, close to the Elephant Gate and neighbour to such features as the Machine Storage Building, the Winding Chimney, and the Storage Tank Cellar.

Harild Hus takes its name from the Danish architect, Carl Harild, who often worked for Carlsberg and was the mastermind behind several buildings in the area, including the delivery hall with its bottle warehouse, the mineral water factory, the power plant, and its water tower and one-time obelisk, the boiler house, etc.

The 6,815m2, six-storey building will constitute the final wing in the block, where the new Europaskolen will be located.

Carlsberg Byen P/S
Nord Architects, BAM Danmark, EKJ
Ny Carlsberg Vej / Bohrs Gade
Approx. 7,100 m2
Construction expected to take place in 2018

In architectural terms, Harild Hus refers to its setting and adapts to the architecture and scale of the district with its own ‘Carlsberg-esque’ look – at once industrial and decorative.

Reflecting the original qualities and characteristic features of the area, it will be a site-specific building, which fits in with its surroundings.

The brick façade on the main structure of the building will feature a playful relief pattern. It will be in the form of staggered pilasters and cornice strips in a regular rhythm with a rigid geometric division, like so many of Carlsberg’s listed heritage buildings.

To bring the façade at ground floor level to life and make it welcoming, timber-clad seating plinths will flank the entrances to the shops. The pillars between the large window sections will be made of light grey brick to provide a sense of brightness in this compact urban space.

Fundamental Layout

Given that the development must be able to accommodate a multi-user office block and a company headquarters, the solutions aim at general applicability.

So the main concept is intended to be as simple, flexible, and robust as possible. Large spaces surround a service core, where the main staircase and emergency stairs are also located. This allows for both large and small workspaces, cell offices, and meeting rooms according to requirements. High glass panels will ensure that light penetrates the building.

The building is divided into office/commercial areas from the 1st floor up, while the ground floor is zoned for retail areas, which can be divided into 4 leased premises. The retail areas on the ground floor are designed as open, multifunctional spaces with large window sections along the façade on Bohrsgade.

On the 1st floor, there will be a communal canteen on the southern and eastern ends with a view of Fransiska Clausens Plads, while the top roof terrace will have a view of the whole of Carlsberg City.