Garnisonsparken is part of the campus-like district that has evolved on the site of the former Farum Barracks. The main feature of the development plan is its division into smaller units with different types of housing, which are incorporated into the large, forest-fringed landscape. The development is made up of staggered wings, which open up to provide views through the wedges of the landscape of the forest reserve to the southwest. The orientation of the wings relates to the existing road zone of the former barracks area.

The 206 dwellings rise above the ground. The ground floor is recessed in relation to the upper floors, exposing the supporting pillars of the buildings. The ground-floor areas are devoted to communal areas, the lobbies of the staircases, parking, bicycle sheds, and storerooms. The elevated properties overlook the nature-rich area. In terms of scale, the four floors of the wings appear quite understated in contrast to the height of the adjacent woodland. The development has achieved a coherence between nature, the cultural landscape, and the overall architecture, with a dialogue between the spaces of the dwellings and the spaces outside.

The wings are laid out in a clearly evident hierarchy. The supporting concrete elements define a clear framework, in which the windows and the grey, weathered wooden panels form the façades, the crisp balconies at the ends are squeezed in between supports, and the projecting, cantilevered cores that hover on the sides and end walls of the buildings. The multifaceted compositions of the buildings create a stark contrast to the overall rigid site plan, which can be traced back to the now demolished barracks buildings.

The homes are laid out to achieve optimal daylight and are fitted with high-quality materials. The materials and junctures have an honesty that reflects the inner order of the homes. The materiality and structure of the homes have a clear affinity with the other housing development in the area.

Garnisonsparken c/o Centerplan
COWI A/S, Jeppe Aagaard Andersen
Garnisonsvej, DK-3520 Farum
24.000 m²
Realised in 2016 (1st prize)