The Embassy of Denmark, India

Denmark’s new Embassy building in New Delhi is located next to a tree-lined boulevard in an area of the city with low-rise, high-density buildings surrounded by elegant green park areas.

The Embassy is composed of two dynamically angled, three-storey wings, connected by three sophisticated walkways, which form two inner courtyards. The building is tied together by a façade, which runs like a tape all the way around the buildings, adding a visual sense of wholeness to the overall complex.

The complex and the surrounding wall of the park indicate security, without the complex coming across as a fort. Security, both static and dynamic, is an overriding theme in the overall concept of the Chancellery building.

The façades are bright with distinctive vertical slats, shading the building from the often-powerful sunlight while allowing views of both the sky and the small park, in which the Embassy is located. The lightness and proportions of the façades fit well with the architectural appearance of the area and the Northern Indian tradition of filigree-covered verandas.

The Embassy complex houses a Danish Chancellery with a visa department and an incubator department, which will create local contacts for Danish interests in India. There is also the possibility of accommodating the chancellery of another country.

The entrance features a gateway, which houses a discreet security facility. The staff canteen and other communal facilities are located on the ground floor. The wings are limited in terms of width, thereby providing excellent daylight and views of the building’s flexible office workplaces. 

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
V.V. Architects Pvt. Ltd., EKJ Rådgivende Ingeniører AS
New Delhi
3,500 m²
Inaugurated 2019

In contrast to the curved geometry of the Embassy buildings, the ‘servants’ quarter’ is a strip of two-storey, cubic terraced houses on the southern part of the building for staff housing.

Photographer: Deepshikha Jain and Gitte Svantemann