Da Vinci Parken

Da Vinci Parken is located in the open countryside east of Aalborg. Its nearest neighbour is the Gigantium culture and sports centre.

The homes are zoned in 2-3-storey sections with white plastered walls and an overlapping frame with a dark sheet cover, which shields the balconies from the occasionally strong wind in the open landscape.

The façades have a transparent, friendly feel. The balconies are lined with pine planks, which have a warm, glowing patina. In the ground floor flats, the landscape design took special heed of the small, planted spaces in front of the buildings, which create sheltered recreational areas. The residents themselves take care of these green areas.

One consistent feature is that all the flats are designed with the same basic structure with a large living-cum-dining area in direct contact with the open kitchen.

The flats are structured with a flexible system and 2-, 3- and 4-bedroom units. Each flat has a central installation core with kitchen, bathroom and toilet. The core is identical in all the flats. Variations emerge, because the adjacent spaces are formed on the basis of the residents’ wishes.

When the flats were built, they consisted merely of single open surfaces, with only the necessary load-bearing walls. It was then possible to establish, move or merge rooms. When moving in and out, this means that residents can customise their homes to suit their needs.

Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects’ buildings are part of the greater entity that defines Da Vinci Parken.

A. Enggaard A/S
1:1 landskab, Grontmij | Carl Bro A/S
Marie Curies Alle, 9220 Aalborg Øst
10,000 m²
Realised in 2008
2009: Prize awarded by ‘Komiteen for bygningspræmieringer’ in Aalborg