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CBS Flintholm

CBS’s department in Flintholm Company House is spread over 2,200m2, and designed for lecture theatres, open study areas, and supplementary facilities such as a student café, a Campus Desk, and a printing room for the students. There is a vibrant atmosphere in the double-height premises, where CBS students occupy the open spaces surrounding the fixed lecture theatre cores. The lecture theatres, behind the corrugated façade cladding, can be subdivided to create three to four rooms and can accommodate up to 600 students. There is a delicate rake inside the lecture theatres, forming a focused setting for lectures and teaching.

Right outside the door, in the new Revykvarter district, there are excellent landscaped spaces for breaks and socialising.

There is an intentionally raw appearance in CBS’s premises. The floors were cast on site and bind together the spaces, which are vertically divided by the white-painted outer walls, light glass sections, and the characteristic corrugated aluminium sheeting on the lecture theatre cores. Ceilings are exposed with visible ventilation pipes, acoustic panels, and light fittings. In certain places, the façade wall along the Metro line is perforated by square inlets for daylight. These are very much akin to the lamps, which – in corresponding places inside the deep building – create simulated daylight for the benefit of the everyday student environment. The premises were originally intended for a supermarket but were transformed into a student environment, which ‘in the rush hour’ is like a little city within the city.

The project was realised in just 4 months, as opposed to 16 months, which is more usual for projects of this category and on this scale.

Architectural Photography
NCC Property Development A/S
Stig Lommers Plads 2, 2000 Frederiksberg
2,200 m²
Realised in 2013
Architectural Photography
Architectural Photography
Architectural Photography
Architectural Photography