Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects, COBE and Tetris A/S have designed Bellakvarter – a new urban district in Ørestad with space for 5,000 residents and 7,500 jobs.

Bellakvarter is a new urban district in Ørestad with an abundance of space for life amongst the buildings.

The district is constructed in blocks made up of small built structures with a height of between three and six floors, featuring a variety of materials and façades. Here and there, the blocks will be topped by bright, multi-storey roof apartments. These ‘cubic towers’ will appear like compressions of a corner or a street.     

It is hoped that Bellakvarter will be a vibrant neighbourhood with 5,000 new residents and more than 7,500 jobs. In use from morning to night, it will be a pulsating neighbourhood, where residents, visitors, and commuters to the neighbourhood’s workplaces will intermingle. Bellakvarter will have direct access to the Metro, which connects the area to the rest of Ørestad and Copenhagen.

The scale and surfaces of the neighbourhood’s streets will create conditions for mixed-use – pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists will share the space. Outward-oriented features such as cafés and shops will be placed strategically, activating the neighbourhood’s intimate public spaces and creating inviting recreational areas.

The idea is for the new district to borrow part of its identity from Bella Center’s prestigious conference and trade fair events. Conversely, the area around Bella Center and Hotel Bella Sky, currently somewhat wind-swept, will gain a new, enhanced identity. Bellakvarter will be a reinvigorated urban quarter with a wide range of features and an innovative way of merging conferences, exhibition, and events with urban life, housing, and local communities.

The future neighbourhood will be a contrast to Ørestad’s more open, higher, tower block developments located south of Bellakvarter.

The aim is for visitors to make use of the neighbourhood and the area for various activities, including outdoor meetings, creative breaks, and walk-and-talk sessions. The district is regarded as a central part of Bella Center’s provisions for their visitors, while on the international level one potential idea is to tell the story of Bella Center’s new attractions under the heading of ‘Bella City’.

Bella Center A/S
TETRIS A/S, Rambøll, UiWE
265.000 m2
In progress