mads frederik architectural photography

Amerika Have

Amerika Have is a residential development in the Copenhagen Harbour that extends from the ferry terminal for the boats to Oslo. The development is laid out as a block structure with 115 homes of varying sizes and with a variety of views to Østerbro, Kastellet, and Nordhavn.

The composition of the buildings consists of 4-5-storey base with an open courtyard. The dominant, south-facing ‘tower’ is 13 storeys high. The sculptural composition of the building interacts well with the other buildings in the area. The tower and the base are aligned with the neighbouring properties and their heights.       

TK Development A/S
1:1 landskab
Amerika Plads, 2100 Copenhagen Ø
12,500 m²
Realised in 2017

Housing and Urban Spaces

To the east, the building abuts Amerika Plads, which is formed by the buildings in the area. Here, the old station building is the principal point of reference. The square and the beautiful paving, of the area, continue into the courtyard, creating a simple architectural entity.

The courtyard is bright and friendly. It provides the residents with space to meet in a quiet, pleasant setting.

The proximity to the harbour and the excellent views played a major role in the arrangement of the windows and the positioning of balconies. The priority was to make every single home a pleasant and positive place to live in.

Balconies of various sizes lend the façade great vibrancy. There is an element of vertical staggering in the façade to create shelter and optimum living options for the residents throughout the year.

The ground floor facing the main arrival side is elevated above the ground to ensure maximum privacy.

The flats feature central cores, and the bedrooms and large living areas have views of the area.

In the tower, the homes have particularly impressive views. There are views of the harbour and Kastellet, with the towers of Copenhagen on the horizon.


The heavy-looking building has shiny brick façades interspersed with window sections. The balconies are bright and light and feature rounded corners. To create an architecturally simple, strong building, the overall building stock has the appearance of a single entity in dark-fired brick. In terms of materials, the building draws inspiration from the existing warehouses and industrial buildings in the area. The buildings are known for their simplicity and solid materiality.