Denmark's Embassy in India awarded honorable mention at 'Building of the Year 2019'

13. December 2019

Today Denmark’s new embassy in India received honorary mention at the awards ceremony ‘Building of the Year 2019’ for fulfilling the vision of an open, state and democratic building with a discreet, almost invisible layer of high security.

The 3,500 m2 embassy consists of two angled three-storey lengths connected by corridors forming two inner courtyards. The distinctive vertical slats of the white façade are a Danish modern interpretation of Northern India’s tradition of filigree-covered verandas.

The slats are proportined to correspond with the orbit of the sun. This provides constructive protection from strong sunlight and still allows the flow of light and views of New Delhi’s embassy quarter.

13. December 2019

Adjacent to the embassy are a number of official residences with a pool.

The building is the Foreign Ministry’s first new embassy in a number of years and, in addition to Danish representation, it is also the Chancellor of Iceland and houses the Danish Cultural Institute.

13. December 2019

Since 1997 the ‘Building of the Year’ award has been the widest and most versatile Danish construction award recognizing the most important Danish buildings based on their social and architectural significance.

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