Would you like an internship with us?

As one of our interns, you will be part of an informal, creative workplace, providing you with ample opportunity to put new ideas and visions to the test.

There is room for a high degree of independent expression, though you will never be completely left to fend for yourself. You will tackle your tasks in close collaboration with colleagues across the organisation. We work on the basis of a flat structure, which gives you a high level of responsibility and a huge amount of experience.

As one of the oldest leading architectural firms in Denmark, we are in a state of rapid development, constantly taking on countless new and exciting projects. That means we are always on the lookout for accomplished interns to be part of our practice.

Are you outgoing, flexible and solution-oriented? Are you ambitious, enterprising and good at working on your own? Then you will fit in perfectly here.

What we offer

As one of our interns you will, for example, have the opportunity to attend a series of seminars, where you will learn about everything from BIM and quality control to BIPS description systems and sustainability.

At the end of your internship, the firm will give you a gratuity  in appreciation of your efforts.

Constructing Architect Interns

You are a student of Constructing Architecture with at least 5 semesters behind you.

You have in-depth knowledge of REVIT and are at home with both Word and Excel. It will also be an advantage if you are also versed in AutoCAD and the Adobe package.

Architect Interns

You have an undergraduate degree in Architecture.

You can build models, design 3-D models and make renderings. It will also be an advantage if you are familiar with Rhino, Sketchup, Enscape, V-Ray, AutoCAD, and the Adobe package.

How to apply for an internship

Tell us why you should be our new intern. Please attach a CV and preferably a portfolio, and email everything to job@vla.dk. In the subject field, remember to indicate whether you are applying for an internship as a constructor or as an architect.

If you have any questions or fancy dropping by to see the studio and learn more about our projects, please call our front office on (+45) 3269 9000. They will then put you in touch with the right person.

A former intern at Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects
She says
“Even on the busiest days, I could get answers to my questions”

Emma, intern

What was your internship like?

I had an incredibly positive and educational time at Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects.

Actually, I had expected such a huge workplace to be far too busy to make time for students. So I was pleasantly surprised at how much time was allocated to me, and what excellent guidance I received throughout my time with the firm. Even on the busiest days, I could get answers to my questions.

Did the experience live up to your expectations?

In practice, I learned about the nature of working as a constructing architect: taking responsibility, tackling difficult issues, and coping with stressful situations. My Revit skills improved and I gained more knowledge of the various tools, because I had colleagues who happily made time to teach me. For example, I initially found Revit families really hard. As a result of my internship, I feel much more at home and generally well prepared to tackle my final undergraduate exams.

If you want to be in a practice, where lots of different and exciting projects are going on all the time, and where there are obliging, helpful colleagues and a great sense of community, then it is the perfect place to apply to for an internship.