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The competition for one of the first residential zones in the ambitious development of the old north docks has been won by Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects in cooperation with NCC Construction and 1:1 Landscape.

The homes will enjoy a prominent position beside the new United Nations Town with canals and dock basins on three of four sides. They will be primarily three to five storeys, laid out in jointed wings that take their bearings from the daylight and the view of the dockside.

Towers will be established on the centrally located buildings, helping to give this city-side residential district a greater degree of urbanity and density. The configuration will lend the entire estate a unified character, without seeming to exclude the visitor.

One vital component of the overall estate will be its interplay with the existing and future buildings in the area. Estate buildings will therefore be given dark tile facings signaling unmistakable kinship with the old warehouses. It is a choice of material that can withstand its proximity to the sea and its constant impact.

Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects intends to ensure that the whole estate accords with the simple, beautiful, Nordic building tradition, which remains among the most attractive forms of dwelling with its human scale and living frontages.

The island on which the new homes will be built was inspired by the kind of landscape with low dunes and hardy vegetation familiar from the coastal areas of Zealand. There will be open pathway thoroughfares and canal-side areas for the pleasure of residents and other city-dwellers. The open areas will be laid out with the greatest possible amount of vegetation and as little paved area as possible.

The 128 homes will all be apartments ranging from 80 m2 to 140m2 in size.

The estate is scheduled for completion in August 2015.